giovedì 8 marzo 2012

What A Busy Day![day three]

This morning we were all asked to bring some objects we made at home.
The idea was to transform an old, regular object into something extravagant, different, and new.We learned that every object has a certain potential, and it's up to us to notice it and create a new meaning for it.

Have a look at some of our crazy projects.

 JoJo's project

Monica's project, inspired by Twilight    

After a quick (Italian quick) lunch we met again in the IED Moda, where one of our companions introduced us to her grandmother, La Nonna Maria.

The Nonna Maria
(73 years,professional tailor, Rome)

Maria, the third of twelve children, has always had a 
passion for tailoring. She started teaching herself how to sew from a young age, and then did a sewing course at a nearby convent.
At the age of 19, she married a wealthy man who allowed her to follow her passion. Her first clients were her sisters' clients (the sisters in the same year opened one of the first coin-operated American dry cleaners).
Even today her individual style appears in every piece she creates. The clothes are simple but intriguing, classy but modern.
She still makes dresses, clothes and accessories, mostly for the theatre. She likes to work with pieces of old clothes found in markets, and re-sews them over and over again.
When asked about the fashion of today's young people, Nonna Maria criticizes short skirts and deep décolletage. She says she doesn't enjoy working with young girls -she finds them joyless and unable to follow her rhythm.                                                                                          
Her sewing is therefore, all about passion.                                                          
She says:
"Give without expecting to get anything back".
Extravagant and theatrical, Nonna Maria is a warm and energetic person. As she sat in front of the cameras, she gave us true pearls of wisdom and drug us into her life story, as if it were a fairy tale.

  Later on we went to the Roma Cavalieri Hotel to meet Lucia Mirisola, a famous Italian costume designer. She talked to us about her work and experience in the film industry. She made a great impression on us with her self confidence and style.
I must say, the hotel made it all even more spectacular! Just look at this interior design.. 6,000 euros per night, 
Madames et Monsieurs!

The Hunt Is On! [day two]

    It was amazing! We spent the entire day looking for stylish people in the center of Rome. We walked over four kilometers on foot but it was worth it!
We had so much fun spotting people in the crowds, interviewing and taking pictures of them! Some of them were just incredible! 
Have a look at the amazing Madames and Monsieurs we crossed paths with!





LET's GO! [day one]

   Today was the first day of our IED workshop with Ari Seth Cohen, the author of the Advanced Style blog.
We found him and his approach with the elderly to be very inspiring, and we were all very excited to start our own projects!

Sometimes it's enough to look out the window to find something really inspiring.